Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Vacuum & Cryogenics, 13th-14th of March in Darmstadt (Germany)

The '3rd ASPERA Technology Forum Industry meets Academia: Vacuum & Cryogenics', to be held in Darmstadt (Germany) from 13th to14th of March,  is organized jointly with the HEPTech network to identify synergies between projects from neighboring fields. It shall provide a discussion forum for companies, project scientists and funding agencies to define future ways of boosting cooperation to the benefit of all stakeholders. In the discussions of the workshop these questions shall be addressed: 
  • What are the requirements of the coming projects concerning vacuum & cryogenic technologies?
  • What are the technological challenges?
  • What products are available and what kind of R&D activities are required?
  • What is the potential of joint research activities?
  • Is there an R&D strategy that can be commonly followed by research institutes and industrial partners?
  • What is the impact of developments on other scientific fields or market ready products?
  • What are the bottlenecks when scientists cooperate with industries, what are the typical wishes of industrial partners and of scientists?

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