Friday, June 1, 2012

EU strategies for the future

As Vice-President of the European Commission Antonio Tajani has recently explained, a reinvigorated industrial sector can help in overcoming current EU economic challenges. The financial crisis has threatened macroeconomic stability and Europe's capacity to respond has been put to the test. The economic crisis has grown deeper and threatens now our competitive industrial tissue. Regarding EU strategies for the future, Tajani believes in some areas where further European action would be needed: 
  • To keep improving the single market, so any obstacles to the free circulation of goods must be addressed
  • To reduce regulative and administrative burdens 
  • To improve financing conditions, in particular for SMEs 
  • To continue to invest in R&D and innovation and to improve the EU performance on the take-up and commercialisation of technologies (concerning our space industry policy, life sciences or other technologies and connecting the research stage with deployment and actual market introduction) 
  • To emphasise the benefits of sustainable industrial policy
  • To support the internationalisation of EU firms

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