Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Largest number of calls ever for next round of FP7

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have a special place in the current round of calls with a package worth around EUR 1.2 billion. This includes financing for SMEs of around EUR 970 million under the 'Cooperation' Theme, where ring-fenced budgets for SMEs will account for up to 75 % of available funding in specific calls. There will also be EUR 250 million for the dedicated SMEs programme 'Research for the benefit of SMEs', including demonstration actions for FP7 research results.

Launched in 2007, FP7 has a total budget of EUR 55 billion for research and innovation. It has so far supported some 19,000 projects involving over 79,000 participants (universities, research organisations and businesses) across all EU Member States, with a total EU investment so far of EUR 25.3 billion. By 2013 it is estimated that FP7 will also have directly supported some 55,000 individual researchers' careers.
Source: Cordis

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