Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"Valencian Global Growth Program" workshops information and dates

Welcome to the "Valencian Global Growth Program (GGP)", an intensive business mentoring and entrepreneurship development training program for entrepreneurs and executive managers, under the mentorship of three renowned experts with an MIT record in global entrepreneurship: KEN MORSE, BILL AULET and LAURA BARKER MORSE.

So, if you want to increase your market share, to expand to international markets, to attract funding, and if you are willing to invest in your own education & potential to reach the "next level", read more about our Global Growth Progam here, or just APPLY.
24-25 September 2012
‘Global Sales Strategies for Ambitious Spanish Entrepreneurs’ by Ken Morse & Laura Barker Morse
22-23 October 2012
‘Entrepreneurial Product Marketing: Listening to the Voice of the Customer’ by Bill Aulet & Ken Morse

29-30 November 2012
‘Designing, Leading and Building World Class Management Teams’ by Laura Barker Morse & Ken Morse
14-15 January 2013
‘Growth Financing for Spanish Ambitious Entrepreneurs’ by Ken Morse and Laura Barker Morse, supported by Graham O´Keeffe & Eric Achtmann

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