Monday, March 11, 2013

Social Innovation Tournament

The Social Innovation Tournament established by the EIB (European Investment Bank) Institute in 2012 is the flagship initiative of its Social Programme. The Tournament seeks to promote the generation of innovative ideas and identify/reward opportunities promising substantial societal benefits or demonstrating best practices with tangible, scalable outcomes. It targets the creation of social value in relation to the fight against social exclusion. It thus covers projects in a wide range of fields, from education and health care to natural or urban environment, through new technologies, new systems, and new processes. Improvements in these fields are critical to business success, and social innovation could have a substantial social impact. With the introduction of a Special Category Prize in 2013, additional emphasis will be given to urban and natural environment. [...] All projects will compete for the General Category 1st and 2nd Prize of EUR 25 000 and EUR 10 000 respectively. [...] The finalists will be announced by 15 June and invited to a mentoring workshop to provide them with the necessary guidance for the finalisation of their proposals. The Final Event, where all finalists will be invited to present their proposals, will be held in Budapest, Hungary on 17 October 2013.

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