Monday, May 26, 2014

Nanofiber Scaffolds: Enabling Regenerative Medicine, 17th of June

Nanofiber Solutions develops and markets nanofiber scaffolds for cell culture and drug development applications using standard-sized multiwell plates, in addition to nanofiber scaffolds for medical devices that are used as artificial organs and to enable regenerative medicine. We believe that by combining the advantages of 2-D and 3-D cell culture with a nanofiber scaffold that not only mimics the extracellular matrix found in vivo but has successfully been implanted into humans, we are the future of cell culture products. Our nanofiber scaffolds use synthetic polymers rather than animal derived products to increase reproducibility, facilitate clinical and in vivo applications, and provide for live cell imaging.  We can also align the nanofibers to mimic specific human environments (i.e. brain or cardiac tissue) allowing cells to align and orient as they do in vivo which facilitates a more predictive in vitro screen for toxicity, drug screening and cell based assays for more effective cancer and stem cell research. We are developing a large pipeline of life-saving medical implants in partnership with world-leading clinical institutions for artificial organs and other regenerative medicine applications based on this proven platform technology.
Seminar: 17th of June of 2014 at the Conference Room, IATA-CSIC, Av. Agustin Escardino 7, Paterna 46980 (Valencia)

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